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Kumiko cutting blocks

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Kumiko cutting blocks made out of hard maple.  The angles are 22.5°, 45° & 67.5° typically used on the asa-no-ha pattern and a few others.  The slots in the stops are cut off centre so that multiple lengths can be achieved.  There are also 3 different screw holes allowing further cutting options.  This set includes the two blocks, simple instructions and 5 pieces of basswood, enough to make your first kumiko square.


NOTE:  For a limited time you can get 35% off the price of the kumiko blocks and included strips if you sign up for the Kumiko Webinar.  This allows you to have the blocks to make kumiko squares and 5 basswood strips, enough to make at least one square.  Contact me for your coupon


More information about my live webinars can be found under the webinars menu

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Weight 1.038 kg
Dimensions 93 × 8 × 8 cm


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